Are you the same MARSHA MARKS that A.J. Jacobs consulted while writing his book THE YEAR OF LIVING BIBLICALLY...and the one he credits in his book as  "Marsha Marks: The Christian Aunt I never had."
ANSWER:  Yes! AJ contacted me when he began writing that book (which is hilarious by the way) and asked if I  would be willing to be a consultant on the work in progress.  I was thrilled - and blessed not only to know AJ - but to be credited in his book. By the way, AJ knows this - I'm still praying he'll become a Christian!
QUESTION:  Are you the same Marsha Marks that has a myspace page.  
ANSWER:  No.  Sorry, I've never met that Marsha Marks.  My Facebook page is under 'Author Marsha Marks".  And I am also not the Marsha Marks who is the Realtor.
In 2001 Marsha Marks first book was published -- 6 months later, she signed a 3 book deal with a division of Random House, for the above books, released in 2003, 2004 and 2005.  

Today, Marsha is developing for film and print, a series of five distintive Cartoon Characters. Entitled Lambu (pronounced Lamb-ewe).  See link below for newest ebook.